Many of our clients choose to do their own photography. Our job then becomes supporting them in getting the right equipment and training their staff on how to take better, more professional looking photos. We also own SmarterPics Photography School where regular weekly evening classes are offered and workshops for hobbyists.

We can work with a staff member individually to train them on specifics. Or we can train entire staff when photography is a generalized skill.  Here are a few examples.

  • An environmental engineering company had us design and deliver a webinar for engineers in seven offices on taking better site photos for documentation
  • A realty company had us take a group of realtors through a home and show them tips on better photos
  • A retailer let us advise her on equipment needed and then training for photographing her wares for online sales
  • A jeweler had us advise on equipment and training on getting good macro shots of their products
  • A claims adjuster hired us to help their team take better claims photos


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