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In order for a photo to get attention on a listing service, it has to look GREAT. Not just OK. Here in the Lansing Michigan market, cell phone photos just don’t cut it. Bad exposed, bad angles, partial views of rooms, over exposed windows and general fuzziness are a disservice to both the seller and potential buyer.

Mark has been photographing homes for many years. He knows how to bring in extra lighting equipment, use the right lenses and shoot from the best angles to get those really polished photos that gets a shopper sailing through a listing to stop and say WOW, I WANT TO SEE THIS ONE!

We are full time professionals. You will get fast turnaround, dependable appointments, courtesy to home owners when present and top quality images. Call for a consultation. We like to listen to what you expect and exceed it!

We also have a fully FAA licensed drone pilot with professional gear available for aerial photos.

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