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Place of Business

Professional photos for your business are all about telling stories, creating value, earning trust and rapport and giving people the information they need to say “I want to do business with these people!”

Today’s customer doesn’t bother to read a site’s content first, they scan the photos. If the photos don’t communicate strongly then they go on to the next site. And you lose your opportunity to earn a customer.

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Staff Photo

They want to know what YOU and your staff look like, what the inside of your business looks like, what do your products or projects look like, what do you look like doing your work?

Mark believes in getting to know you and your business thoroughly. He asks lots of questions. He helps you refine what your message is, what you are wanting to communicate, the lasting impressions you want to craft, and the things customers need to know about doing business with you.

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Corporate Event

We offer a wide range of photo services including people (professional head shots), executive portraits, business locations, projects, products and other images used in your print and online media. We have a fully equipped studio located in Lansing, MI and are willing to travel to any mid-Michigan sites for on location shoots including East Lansing, DeWitt, Mason, Grand Rapids, Eaton Rapids, Ann Arbor Michigan and surrounding areas.


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