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Offering the best in business, head shot, events, executive portrait, staff photos and product photography in the Lansing, MI area!

Chamberlin Photography is a full service photography studio providing a full range of business related services such as professional head shots, products, events, locations and more! We understand business and how to create images that communicate. Our market includes all of Mid-Michigan

  • Head Shot photos are a way for people to see what you look like and get a sense of your personality.
  • Event photography helps capture the event and maximize promotional and PR value
  • Product photography gives people a sense of what they are, the value they present and an understanding
  • Place of Business photography gives people a sense if they would be comfortable doing business there
  • Real Estate photography helps your listings get noticed and create a good visual presentation of the property


Headshots are everywhere. Websites, Business Cards, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even dating sites. It’s a way to start building rapport, trust and credibility.

We can create a professional looking headshot for you in our studio or on location. We can even do your entire staff!  You look your best with lighting, posing, and digital enhancements. It’s the way to get noticed and leave a lasting first impression.


Event Photography

Professional event photography will capture the true value of the event. The setup, the fun, the speakers and awards. You spend a lot of money making it happen. Make it last!



Product Photography

Product photography communicates value, selling points, a feeling, a context. We spend time with you understanding these factors before taking a shot. Today people expect strong product photos, anything else will get passed by.



Place of Business

Interior Photos and Exterior Photos give people a sense of your place of business. The professionalism, credibility and comfort they can expect. Is it a place they will feel good doing business in?



Real Estate

Real estate listing photos in the Lansing market need to WOW, they need to GRAB, they need to MOTIVATE the shopper. Anything less is a disservice to both your seller and buyer. We provide a professional service you can count on every time.


real Estate

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